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Successful Closing of Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen 2017 Spring

2017-03-10    Hometex Team

Over the past four days in 96 hours, including 27-hour opening period, the national 1000+ brand exhibitors and 80000+ fabric and cross-border audiences together created a new record in a great event of home furnishing industry. With the wide popularity, animated atmosphere of trading and unprecedented design level, the entire Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center was "boiling"! This event was not only refreshing the history of the Shenzhen home textile exhibition, business performance of exhibitors and the new height of China's home furnishing, but also becoming the beginning of the hope for the steady internationalization of China's home furnishing industry. Let us take a look at this feast and feel its unique charm.


China's best home furnishing product library

130,000 square meters for exhibition scale

More than 1,000 exhibitors with the most IN new products



In Hometex, more than 1,000 outstanding brand enterprise exhibitors endeavored to show the most cutting-edge and the most fashionable home textiles products for the buyers and audiences, interpreting the trends of home furnishing and illustrating the perfect cross-border integration. With the comprehensive sectors including home textile, home décor and custom furniture, window fashion and smart home, wallcoverings, and sofa fabrics, they opened up the home furnishing industry chain, promoted the resource integration, shared the results, and boosted the industry transformation and upgrading, so that the audiences had the opportunity to feast their eyes on this event.


Unstoppable buying

Harmonious and unprecedentedly warm atmosphere for buyers and exhibitors


Co-located with "HomeDecor" Shenzhen Design Week

Well-attended and wonderful presentations


With the supports of design masters, creative space furnishings and discussion on popular trends, "HomeDecor" Shenzhen Design Week activities attracted the designers to pursue, by virtue of the breakthrough modes and cross-border creative experience, to present the beauty of home design space and significance of lifestyle, inspire the people’s imagination and desire to design, and show the golden age for interior design. Undoubtedly, both design and fashion have become the great power to boost the transformation of China's home furnishing industry. The unremitting pursuit and guidance of the Hometex itself to the added value of design and overall home furnishing is also one of the presentations to boost the development of the industry to mature stage.


Full WeChat electronic registration that registering in March and still effective in August

Follow the official Wechat: szjiafang for all the information of exhibition hall


The electronic registration process was fully implemented by the organizers for the first time. The audiences were admitted to enter the hall with the electronic cards and identity cards after they filled out the basic information, while the audiences who had been pre-registered during the pre-registration could conveniently enter the hall as soon as their identity cards were verified. The early pre-registration greatly reduced the redundant procedures of on-site registration. The audience, through the official Wechat: szjiafang, could also get access to the exhibition guidance, electronic map, exhibitors' information and tips for visitors, which greatly improved the efficiency of the exhibition.


In the future, the Hometex data in-depth analysis and optimization system will be made to provide the more convenient and more personalized exhibition experience. At the same time, the audiences who had been registered for the Hometex will not need to repeat the registration for the next Hometex to be held in August. The green channel is open for achieving the lightweight exhibition, we are in action!


This event comes into an end

Great thanks to every one

For all of you who had worked hard, participated in and concerned about this event!

The end in March means the approaching of the event in August.

Let us look forward to working together for unceasing transcendence!

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