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@All, heartfelt thanks for you in this event! Looking forward to seeing you again in August!

2018-03-13    Hometex Team

Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen (Hometex) Spring 2018 has been successfully completed on March 10. A new pattern has been established by industrial integration compared with previous years. Hometex is moving towards the higher openness, diversification and internationalization. Both the visual impact brought by exhibiting space and the collision of ideas in various trend forums are accelerating the Hometex Spring 2018 to a new height.

1.Cross-border alliance for a new pattern of industrial integration

2.Internationalized fashion trend of home furnishing

3.Witty black technology & AI

4.Flourishing business transactions

5.2018 Shenzhen Design Week

The closing in March means the beginning in August. The future will be more exciting! Hometex Spring 2018 has become the best stage and the most prestigious industry event for domestic and foreign enterprises to show their strengths. Hometex in August will be held in conjunction with the first Shenzhen International Creative Home Interiors &Design Expo.

What will be a feast for home furnishing + design once again in August?

The upcoming event is worth expecting…

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