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Internationalized fashion trend of home furnishing

2018-03-13    Hometex Team

Hometex covers all the categories of home furnishing, and sets up the theme exhibition halls including brand textile hall, premium textile hall, over home design hall, wallcovering art hall, international fashion hall, smart home hall, curtain accessories hall, sun-shading hall and selected fabric hall. This is to achieve the integration of full themes of home furnishing. According to statistics, there were tens of thousands of buyers and professional visitors on the first day of opening.

Hometex is a barometer of the industry, representing the latest trends in the development of the industry and the best evidence of the development and change of the industry. At the scene, the reporter saw that there were a number of industry leaders among more than 1,000 high-quality home furnishing brands, which closely followed the international trends and defined the most influential trends in 2018/2019 by use of simple European luxury style, new Chinese style and other styles.

The fabric colors of Novatex, J&C and QIANBAIHUI represent the trends of international home furnishing in the latest season. The overall mixing and use of materials, colors, patterns and textures all present a sense of luxury. The main colors adopted by most of home companies this year are elegant and calm colors.

At present, the maturity of domestic home furnishing market is getting higher, and many exhibitors make the collocation design from the perspective of overall space in order to meet the individual needs of users. 

In terms of style, the new Chinese style and the simple European style are prominent. YUANZHICHENG continues its consistent new Chinese style this year, with the jacquard-oriented product craftsmanship, but its whole jacquard wallcovering is very rare which has three hot colors including the blue-green color that is evolved from Chinese ink painting, the elegant brown color with dragon elements, and the red color that is loved by the Chinese people. 

ZHIDA integrates the fashion and European elements into Chinese style, to present a contemporary interpretation on the ancient oriental culture, and efficiently grasp the trends and use the colors. 

JINHUA releases the embroidery products that have been always exceedingly beautiful and charming. 

JUNCAI shows its outstanding embroidery performance to integrate the stylish elements and Lingnan elements which are both fresh and natural feeling, and also has the charm of light luxury.

In the crowded expo, many exhibition stands have been surrounded by buyers for cooperation. The reporter found that many high-quality companies have grown in their accurate market positioning, such as MORIK and YIYIBUSHE. However, a large number of cutting-edge household brands focus on innovation, so that the expo has become their touchstone and also their ideal platform for learning and exchanges.

No matter how the industry changes, the enterprises must always implement the differentiated competitions in terms of product innovation, marketing innovation, customer service and brand promotion, in order to promote the brands and create outstanding results in the market, and ultimately come to the fore.

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