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Flourishing business transactions

2018-03-13    Hometex Team

Everyone must concern about their gains in Hometex. The buyers in this expo are about 20% higher than that of last year. Some visitors say that "it is too crowed to move at the scene", and some buyers say "they make use of all efforts to walk forward".

The reporter also randomly interviews several companies. Turkey's super textil participates in Hometex for the first time, and is very satisfied with the transactions. It is only regrettable that the exhibition stand given by the organizer is too small, which must be expanded in the next year.

Greece's IFI has a small exhibition stand that seems to be overwhelmed by buyers, and its responsible director says that they have participated in the expo several times, with the continued visits of old customers and the increasing new customers each year; its annual business volume increases by 15-20%, and the business is better every year. They praise that Hometex is also getting better.

Novatex also participates in Hometex for the first time, and is very satisfied with it. Mr. Wang, the responsible director, thinks that the buyers gathered here to have the accurate positioning, which is very close to the high-end design brand of Novatex; although some customers think that Italian products are expensive, Novatex has achieved the great achievements with more than 300 new customers (excluding potential customers who have not yet completed transactions) through the expo in just a few days.

The person in charge of TENAI thinks that Hometex has the higher flow volume and better transaction effect, and it is very useful for the promotion of brands.

Hong Kong Bense may make the statistics on the daily orders, which is about 250 orders per day in this expo and is slightly lower than that of last year, but the flow volume is high, buyers' quality is improved, and the total volume of transaction increases a lot compared to the same period last year. 

XINYALUN takes a big exhibition stand this year and exhibits two brands at the same time. He thinks that Hometex in March is an unparalleled professional exhibition, and the buyers have the accurate positioning, with more flow volume and high quality of buyers.

The reporter finds in the exhibition stands that more responsible persons are busy in negotiating and the interviewed buyers are very satisfied, who have always have the expectations in Hometex every year. The topics are getting better, and the exhibitors are more superior. Hometex is really a show for win-win of business and trading and will be better than ever!

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