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[Video] New Year's greeting from Hometex and industry masters and exhibitors!

2018-02-14    Hometex Team

We finish the busy work and unconsciously usher in a new year in China. For the peers of home industry, this is a year of an improvement and exploration. In this year, we may lose some, but we can win some through efforts.

In the work, the greatest wealth will belong to those partners who help, focus on and accompany us to grow together. In particular, the industry peers with the same "Chinese home dream" are well deserved.

The Year of the Dog is coming, let us bid farewell to the past, and feel grateful for hardworking, persistence, craftsmanship spirit, self-confidence, health and selflessness. Thanks for ourselves and also for you!
This time,
We will join hands with the industry masters
As well as exhibitors and friends at Hometex,
Taking the video
Express their sincere blessings to the national industry peers
At the same time, 
Greatly cheer for the Hometex
The first expo in the Year of the Dog,
Are you ready?
Please watch the video with wifi.

Or feel free if with enough mobile Internet!

First and foremost, of course, is the New Year's greeting from the organizers:

Douglas Emslie, Managing Director, Tarsus Group

Deng Yuanjin, President, Guangdong Home Textile Association
Board Chairman, Shenzhen Boao Exhibition Co., LTD.

Mark Temple-Smith, CEO, Tarsus Asia (Singapore)

Now warmly welcome the brothers' associations and design masters:

Deputy Executive Director of China Home Textiles Special Committee, Board Chairman of Huatex

National textile exhibitor:

Pu Jianbo, General Manager, ALBRIGHT

International textile exhibitor:

Takashi Endo, Board Chairman, Starvery

Wall covering exhibitors:

Li Tao, Sales Director, ITMILAN

Smart Home&Sun-shading exhibitor:

Jiang He, President, WINTOM

Overall home decoration exhibitor:

Chen Xi, General Manager, Profound Maison

Thousands of words are not as good as personal visit.
The vivid experience cannot be described by thousands of words.
In this year,
May everyone receive the blessing,
Health and happiness.
Good luck for the Year of the Dog!
Please do not forget
Attend the great event of the industry!

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