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Eight Brand Enterprises Jointly Released 2017/2018 Textile Decoration Trends

2017-03-07    Hometex Team

The Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen in March has already ended, but this industry whirlwind is still stimulating us to further explore the fashion trends. The release of 2017/2018 textile decoration trend has triggered the extensive thinking on the popular development. The organizers present eight characteristic showcase spaces for the design lovers, which are jointly created by eight textile decoration brand enterprises, and also further stimulate every audience to follow the continuous trend of fashion.

What is the fashion trend?

As the planning guidance for the release of this fashion trend, Mr. Zhang Guoreng, Chinese textile technology master and Art Consultant of Guangdong Textile Association, says that the fashion trend is a symbiotic art, which travels through time and space, and breaks the boundaries, to integrate and combine the aesthetic elements in the fashion architecture, and constantly stimulate the creative consumer psychology and new consumer demand. It provides a variety of randomness and possibilities for our way of life.

There are at least two levels for the discussion of the fashion trend significance: first is to guide the development and stimulate the consumption; second is to transmit the new ways of life. These eight enterprises are the industry leaders which are remarkable to grasp the direction of trend and create the space of show. From their display release, you may perhaps find a lot of enlightenments and creative inspirations.

Theme 1: Straightforward

Go out of the hustle and bustle of the urban ecology, and feel the beauty of the original ecological environment. The theme is to create a simple and elegant living space that touches nature, relaxes in the harmonious and tranquil beauty, and acquires the new energy.

Keywords: harmony | nature | elegance | delicacy | slow pace

Theme 2: Pleasure

Highlight the decorative effect of fashion colors in the interior space, as a contrast to create a pleasant color atmosphere, feel the pleasure and surprises brought by the popular elements and popular art from all aspects.

Keywords: cheerful | dynamic | contrast | pop | fast pace

Theme 3: Memorizing "Civilization Symbols"

Redefine the concept of luxury, and emphasize the cultural connotation and modern ideas. Through the refinement of Chinese and foreign classic elements, to interpret the new classic in a fashionable manner, show the new luxury style filled with flavor of era, and reflect the humanistic spirit in the modern home decoration.

Keywords: precious | elegant | solemn | introverted | taste

Theme 4: Creating "Smart Space"

Express the designer's innovative thinking in the form of digital representation and virtual color composition, to endow the people with a new perspective on the future of urban living environment and lifestyle.

Keywords: smart | innovative | simple | environmental-friendly | internet

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