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[An astonishing event on the first day of Expo] Global cutting-edge home furnishing trends in Shenzhen

2018-08-07    Hometex Team

Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen 2018
Shenzhen International Creative Home Interiors & Design Expo
Shenzhen Design Week
Finally ushering in today
A grand opening,
With the same high profile and different new trends,
On the first day of the Expo,
Presenting an astonishing event for the audiences,
It has once again become the focus of the industry.

Charms of large home furnishing are fully demonstrated
Once upon a time
We made a long journey to appreciate the top international popularity abroad,
But we never dreamt that
The most beautiful home furnishing expo is actually in China
Just in the capital of design - Shenzhen
In the Shenzhen Expo,
You can say very proudly that,
The global cutting-edge home furnishing trends are gathered in Shenzhen

A gather of design masters a series of high-profile forums

As a great event, the Design Week attracted the well-known indoor and home furnishing masters at home and abroad. Nearly 40 series of events ushered in a hot scene on the first day of the Expo. The most intense design trends of this summer met here. Here, color trends, home furnishing trends, home popularity, marketing models and cross-border cooperation would be deeply interpreted. A strong force is driving a major change in the industry.

The cash prizes are waiting for you now

A great surprise was brought to the audiences in the on-site sweepstakes hosted by the organizers and quality merchants. All the old customers of the Expo, the customers who placed the orders on the spot, and the customers who received the special SMS would have the opportunity to get the grand cash prize. The prize valuing one thousand Yuan has been received, so who would win the prize valuing ten thousand Yuan! Why not come to participate in the Expo? Maybe the next winner is you!


A feast of home decoration, a night of home furnishing, and cross-border integration

You may enjoy massive HD live photos in the 360° photo live room

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