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Strategic Cooperation | China s First Home Furnishing Exhibition - 2018 (Autumn) Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen Perfectly Concludes

2018-09-04    Hometex Team

The world's top trend of home furnishing is presented in Shenzhen, with the China's first home furnishing exhibition. On August 7-9, the 2018 (Autumn) Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen, Shenzhen International Creative Home Interiors & Design Expo, Shenzhen Design Week was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, with the theme of "Creating the Era and Leading the Future". This is a great event for the global professionals of interior, decoration, furniture and design. In 9 major halls with an exhibition area of 130,000 square meters, more than 1,000 top brands, over 30 heavy events and 120,000 home and cross-border buyers at home and abroad have gathered in this unprecedented exhibition.

The Expo is hosted by Textile&Garment Chamber of Commerce, All China Federation of Industry&Commerce, Guangdong Home Textile Association, Shenzhen Boao Exhibition Co., Ltd. and the UK Tarsus Group. Founded in Foshan in 1997, and moved to Shenzhen in 2007, since the cooperation with UK Tarsus Group in 2017, it becomes a regular exhibition to be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in March and August respectively. After 21 years of development, the Expo has an exhibition area of more than 230,000 square meters, more than 2,000 exhibitors, and more than 200,000 professional buyers and cross-border visitors. The Expo covers the theme of "large home furnishing", including: home textile, sun shades, wall covering, home decoration, custom furniture, overall home design, etc. Shenzhen Design Week to be held at the same time constantly accelerates the industrial upgrading and affects the transformation of China's home furnishing design. The Expo is well known in the industry with its label-style professional and commercial strength.

High profile of high-end brands

In this edition, the No.1 Main Hall has attracted a number of fabric brands, such as Midtex, BAB, Bufeifan, Chunfeng, Mood for Love, JMJHOUSE, Danze, Beautiful Oriental, Jinhua, Qianbaiyi, Xinhualong, HMFang, Lianchuang Youjia, Yishalai, CityPioneer, Yiyibushe, Bense, Zhida Home. In the No.2 Overall Home Furnishing Hall, Jinhui, Boloka, Nova, Qianbaihui, Coomo Home, MBM, New Oren and many other brands have gathered. In the No.3 Hall, a number of home furnishing brands lead the overall home furnishing trend of large home furnishing, such as George House, Belloc, Sampo, Huayi, U MEI, JC, Armola, George Home, Modern Champs, GOOLTOO, Caiyou Lingqi Art Institute, Ledmy and Lansen. In the No.4 Hall, Jianye Furniture, Canna, Wote, Zhide, Fanyi Home, Romanti, Zhengyuanxing, Jinhui, Meikefairy and other brands also appeared in the Expo for the first time.

No.5 Fabric Hall has attracted a number of brands such as Rosa, Hengrui, Hawaii, Zhuoerbufan, Langtao, Reike, OuFeiMan, Kequankedian, Howell and Kabu Wanhao. No.6 Fabric/Shade Hall brings together the brands such as Lanqiao Shengfei, Jinchan, Zhenqi, Yongde, Guansheng Trade, Jourmul, Golden Year, Songyang and Lianxiang. No.7 Window Decoration Accessories Hall has attracted many famous brands such as Bopin, Bomeda, Qilong, Xinghao, Feifan Jueka, Xingwang, Chengzhinuo, Weimeida, Yituo and Yisheng. In the No.8 Smart Home Hall, the brands such as Zhongfeng, Fenghua, Bokai, Chuangming, Yuntai, Huasheng, Yuyi and Bofu showed their outstanding strength. In the No.9 Boutique Fabric Hall, a number of famous brands showed the amazing and attractive strength, such as Yuan Zhicheng, Xirui, Mocha, Butch, Lianlianpai, Milan Wallpaper, Buyancheng, Miaobukeyan and Shuilianfang Mima. With a number of brands in 9 major halls, the innovative concept and innovative exhibition mode have jointly presented the enjoyment of home furnishing industry.

Innovative ideas leading the industry

In the context of overcapacity and product homogenization, the competition in the home market is becoming increasingly fierce. Is it an industrial transformation or a deep-rooted channel construction? 2018 (Autumn) Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen stood at the height of the industry to give the answer.

In the domestic market, it is the innovation revolution of the home furnishing enterprises. Good creativity and design can not only improve the functional quality of the products, and enhance the market competitiveness and added value, but also create new market demand. The 2018 Shenzhen International Creative Home Interiors & Design Expo is named after "creativity" to promote the creativity to the strategic position of the exhibition. A number of famous creative home brands such as George Home, Belloc, Huayi, U MEI, Modern Champs, GOOLTOO and Ingrid gathered in the expo for the first time, combining to become a large family of integrated cases, demonstrating and leading the future home business.

In the external market, the Expo is pioneering in establishing the China Household Industry Innovation Dealer Alliance to provide new ideas, new models and new business opportunities for the home furnishing enterprises. China's home furnishing industry has entered a new era, and the trend of design driving, home furnishing marketing and overall home furnishing linkage has gradually become the "standard" solution for terminal retail channels, especially high-end product brands. The China Household Industry Innovation Dealer Alliance integrates domestic and international design resources to bring together all kinds of resources such as overall home, custom home, home life, smart home, fine building materials, and lighting. In the future, the exhibitors can quickly realize the efficient multi-matching of platforms, talents, resources, information and organization in the alliance, and achieve the "multiplication" that doubles its own ability, to occupy a favorable competitive position in the market.

This is in line with the powerful measures of the changes in the home age. At this edition, each exhibitor linked hundreds of high-quality resources of various categories and reached hundreds of intention cooperation. This is also an important reason why the Expo and the first Shenzhen International Creative Home Interiors & Design Expo can establish a reputation in the industry.

Design driving the large home industry chain

Driven by design, furniture, lighting, curtains, fabrics, wallpapers and furnishings are not independent individuals, but an indispensable part of an overall space that integrates the upstream and downstream of the industry from the dimension of spatial integration, to focus on the overall effect through design. This is the only way for the transformation and upgrading of China's home furnishing industry.

In Shenzhen, the "Capital of Design" full of vitality, the Expo grows in this design paradise to constantly absorb the nutrients and inspiration of the design. In the Shenzhen Design Week to be held in the Expo, nearly 40 great forums have inspired the infinitely exciting design trend. A number of design masters from Italy, Spain, Japan, the Netherlands, India, Colombia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions presented their unique concepts in the 72-hour "Dialogue with Global Design" International Youth Designer Forum. In the "Design Driving the Entrepreneurship", the first Sino-Italian Home Art Design Summit Forum, the design power has been stimulated to drive the innovation of the large home furnishing era. The "Design Driving the Future of the Bay Area" of New Youth ? Design Concept presented the thinking of design-oriented moments and explored the future development trend of designers. There are a number of events including the application hardware summits on smart homes, the status quo and "profitable" development of China's color industry, home green painting trends and technology innovation forums, fabrics ? color ? space design international trend, "home furnishing design circle" online training WeChat public account launch conference, space magician - interpretation of N space design possibilities, three steps for new media marketing of fabric industry, architecture and fiber art, the second SD (sustainable development) material challenge, China's prefabricated development of the prefabricated building and home industry... Many wonderful events have created a grand enjoyment!

In addition, the organizers also presented the "Best Theme Space Design Award" and "Best Booth Space Design Award" in the name of design, to commend the excellent designs and inspire more outstanding design works.

Best Theme Space Design Award Winners in the 2018 (Autumn) Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen:

Yiyibushe Textile
Guangdong Zhida Home Industry Co., Ltd.
Jiacheng Textile Decoration Industry Co., Ltd.
Nova (Hangzhou) Textile Co., Ltd.
Haining Jingzhiwei Home Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
US Shinkansen (Meixianzhijia)
Haining Puqi Textile Co., Ltd.
Haining Xinyalun Textile Co., Ltd. (Beautiful Oriental)
Coomo Home Import and Export (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Best Booth Space Design Award Winners in the 2018 (Autumn) Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen:

Foshan Meijule Curtain Fabric Co., Ltd.
Haining Qianbaihui Weaving Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Zhiyou Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. (Tianxia Youbu)
Foshan Juncai Decoration Fabric Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Shanze Textile Trade Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Xinde Fabric Co., Ltd.
Haining Dongyang Cloth Industry
Zhejiang Zhiju Home Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
Haining Mingjin Textile Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Yuanzhicheng Home Textile Co., Ltd.

The Expo has successfully concluded! This aircraft carrier, which incites hundreds of billions of resources in the global home furnishing industry, is striding forward and embarking on a new journey! The organizers will spare no effort to develop the Expo into an internationalized home furnishing trade exhibition covering the entire pan-homes oriented on design which is leading the industry and driving the sustainable development of the industry.

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