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2019 New York Fashion Week Popular Color VS 2019 Home Fashion Trend

2018-09-30    Hometex Team

The playful expressionism encourages a whimsical and powerful approach to color. This is not a PK post in terms of title. What we want to present is the amazing color that has been in the different fields of clothing and space.

In each season, the Pantone Color Institute? team produces the PANTONE Fashion Color Trend Report, highlighting the preferred colors that are specially emphasized by the designers of New York Fashion Week in the next season. The color on the catwalk is often an important indicator, predicting the color story that will appear across all the design fields, so that the PANTONE Fashion Color Trend Report is a guide to easily gain the important color trends in the coming season. Getting it, you will become more comfortable in the preparation of home furnishing scheme.

The mindset of 2019 spring and summer reflects our desire to face the future with powerful colors giving confidence and morale, inspiring colors, playful expressionism and joyful colors leading us into the creativity and surprise.

The report for this season contains 12 conspicuous colors and 4 classic neutral colors, bringing the high-end clothing and street styles together. The 2019 spring and summer fashion colors are popular throughout the season, lively but not excessive, whose highlights indicate our desire for authenticity, and our continued demand for designs that are resonating and approachable.

2019 Spring and Summer New York Fashion Week Color Series

2019 spring and summer color story is set to

A series of steady yet classic colors which present a lively palette.

01 Fiesta
PANTONE 17-1564

A festive orange,
Fiesta radiates vitality, enthusiasm and excitement.

Is it familiar? That's right! In the fall of this year, this color had been favored by many showroom designers in Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen, and often ignited the enthusiasm of the audience immediately.

02 Jester Red
PANTONE 19-1862
Jester Red

Jester Red adds the depth and intensity,
Reflecting a strong sense of elegance and urbanism

03 Turmeric
PANTONE 15-1264

Turmeric is an orange that brings the vigor.
Injecting a hint of pungency into the color palette.

04 Living Coral
PANTONE 16-1546

Living Coral

Living Coral is a friendly and vivid color.
The golden undertone presents a softer and fuller feel.

05 Pink Peacock
PANTONE 18-2045
Pink Peacock

The fascinating peacock opens its feathers,
It is a visual feast.

VI main image color of 2018 (Autumn) Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen

06 Pepper Stem
PANTONE 17-0542
Pepper Stem

Pepper Stem is a passionate yellow green color
Inspiring us to thirst for the health of nature.

07 Aspen Gold
PANTONE 13-0850
Aspen Gold

The sun-like Aspen Gold evokes a sense of joy and exultation.
With it in space, the picture is no longer silent

08 Princess Blue
PANTONE 19-4150
Princess Blue

A high degree of excitement is combined into the cultural rhythm.
It looks calm, rich and fresh.

A high degree of excitement is combined into the cultural rhythm.
It looks calm, rich and fresh.

09 Toffee
PANTONE 18-1031

It is a "delicious" color that is irresistible,
Revealing a sense of high quality in a relax mood.

10 Mango Mojito
PANTONE 15-0960
Mango Mojito

Golden Mango Mojito Yellow,
Satisfying your thirst for a pleasant and comfortable feeling.

11 Terrarium Moss
PANTONE 18-0416
Terrarium Moss

Terrarium Moss is reminiscent
Representing the true beauty of the plants and the natural world

12 Sweet Lilac
PANTONE 14-2808
Sweet Lilac

Sweet Lilac is a lovable pink in the lavender.
Exuding the serenity and warmth in the calmness and gentleness.

2019 Spring and Summer Neutral Colors

There is always a need for skeleton color in everyday clothing.
The classic colors that solely exist in this season will be prominent,
It can also be used as a base color to match the obvious color contrast.


PANTONE 13-0919

The subtle Soybean is a reliable and versatile neutral color that is naturally fascinating.


PANTONE 19-3810


Sweet Corn
PANTONE 11-0106
Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn is embracing you with its soft and creamy sweetness


Brown Granite
PANTONE 19-0805
Brown Granite

Brown Granite is stable and strong, yet low-key, true and timeless

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