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Hush! This creative company in Shenzhen is about to take you to "pass through the time and space"!

2018-10-12    Hometex Team

Looking back at the 2018 Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen, a number of creative spaces and furnishings in the exhibition site are deeply rooted in the memory of the audiences. You must carefully find that the space in Hall 3 with the theme of "TEMPS & OBJETS" enjoys the chic atmosphere attracting plenty of experts. The players are intoxicated here, and the irreplaceable works with the classical and modern blending are telling the stories about time.

ACS Western Antique Art Boutique Exhibition Area

Although this show is over, the story of its extension is not over yet, or it has just begun.

On September 29th, 2018, the ACS Creative Space as the curator of "TEMPS & OBJETS" held another culturally-rich tea party at the Shenzhen Art Exhibition Center. A lot of guests were invited to enjoy the tea in the "TEMPS & OBJETS". This is also the first external media meeting of the new ACS exhibition hall.

The media meeting was held in conjunction with the three major brands of ACS, covering publishing, home and tea, striving to build ACS Creative Space into a versatile, all-round and multi-channel content export and brand promotion platform, and establish a new benchmark with the most vibrant and endless possibilities for a high value-added cultural and creative industry. At the same time, the majority of lovers of art and culture in the busy city would have a clean and elegant place to enjoy the sound of time, taste a cup of tea with "mood", and read a book with richness.

This meeting is oriented on the enjoyment of music and tea. A poetic experience with a cultural atmosphere is given by the specially invited Mr. Liang Zi, a senior teacher of Chinese studies and tea ceremony, Ms. Zhao Caihong, a senior teacher of Chinese guzheng (Chinese zither), and Mr. Li Haibo, a local teacher of zhuoqin (Chinese guqin) from Shenzhen. Everyone may appreciate the wonderful music, fragrant tea and calm mind.

Mr. Li Haibo plays the melody "Plum-blossom in Three Movements"

ACS Creative Space
—— A complex art space combining Chinese and Western cultures

ACS, an abbreviation of Artpower Creative Space, is located in Rooms 5020-5023 on the 5th floor in the Phase II of Shenzhen Art Exhibition Center, which is the largest furnishing center in China.

In 2018, ACS will acquire a completely new outlook to take advantage of its unique advantages of cultural and creative resources accumulated for more than ten years, and cooperate with its three major brands, namely, Artpower International Publishing, "TEMPS & OBJETS" Home Brand, and GREATEA Art Flower Tea, to continue to pay attention to domestic and international designs. It is committed to deepening the connotation of design from Chinese and Western culture and art, and passing it to everyone through the new exhibition hall of ACS, so that the ACS Creative Space will become a cultural landmark for designers to communicate in depth.

The new exhibition hall of ACS is a complex art scene for everyone to experience the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. It is also a complex aesthetic living space that explores "art and culture design and life".

In the transparent square pattern, the three spaces of mixed home space, tea culture space and design book bar are formed, which are both self-contained and complementing each other. Walking through the hall, you will be greeted by a full-faced display cabinet with dozens of exquisite Chinese tea sets, vases and other crafts. The elegant wooden tea table is the main body of tea culture space, highlighting the tonality of "art and rhyme" and eliminating the oppression caused by fast-paced life.

This is a place that appeals to you, a place that can affect you, a place that only shows beauty, and a place that focuses on the mood and the environment. Here, you may listen to the classical music on the vinyl record, taste the art flower tea, and enjoy the fusion and exchange of Chinese and Western cultures.

Fine works accumulated in the times

With the tea theme of "TEMPS & OBJETS", this party is to promote the new exhibition hall, and also launch the new home brand "TEMPS & OBJETS" of ACS Creative Space.

"TEMPS & OBJETS", founded in Shenzhen & Paris in 2018, is jointly cooperated by two partners are located in London and Paris, which are two major art trading centers in the world. "TEMPS & OBJETS" is dedicated to promoting and displaying European decorative art and collection-class antique furniture from the 18th to the 19th century, including artwork, paintings, home accessories and vinyl records. Each piece is of high quality and artistry, scarcity and other characteristics. They are both furniture and artwork, and they are cultural treasures that can be handed down.

Here, you may enjoy the atmosphere of Baroque, the luxuries of Rococo, the elegance of neoclassicalism and the European art style of other periods, and the elegant connotation of European culture in the past. This is both a visual feast and soul purification.

"Magical Tea"
—— GREATEA Art Herbal Tea

The other protagonist of this tea party is GREATEA art herbal tea, which invites you to enjoy the "magical" tea.

GREATEA adheres to the concept of "one flower, one world and one grass can be formula", and carefully researches with the tea as the bone and the flower as the soul, to purify the pure and natural tea, and bring the elegant enjoyment.

There is a long history for making the tea with fragrant flowers. There are bursts of flowers in the air while sipping the tea. The tea enjoyment is the best gift given by nature, bringing the fascinated experience for the people.

When a fresh flower tea is put into the tea pot, the tea buds are slowly blooming. At this time, the rich and powerful flower buds emerge from the layers of tea buds, with the clear water droplets. This may be an ideal space far away from the world.

GREATEA Art Herbal Tea is sweet and fragrant, and also as a charming style, which has a high ornamental value. A flower and the water form a quiet environment.

"Magical Tea"

GREATEA exquisite gift

Elegance of Book
——Artpower International Publishing

While listening to the music, you may also read a book, to enjoy the leisurely and elegant life.

The design book not only contains the excellent Chinese and foreign art books, but also has the books that are independently designed and published by Artpower International Publishing, a publishing brand of ACS Creative Space.

The purpose of publishing is that "the book is the medium, the effort is for the thing, and the new is the preferred". Conversation with outstanding designers at home and abroad, covering architecture, interior, plane, landscape and other fields related to art design, showing the best design works, will provide the readers with an authoritative and comprehensive design concept, and build a direct bridge between art and design dialogue.

With the time embellishing the life, you may enjoy the precipitation of time. In ACS Creative Space, with a book, a cup of tea and a space, you are free to linger in the different time and space.

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