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Lead the Future, Great Opening of Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen 2017 Spring on March 7!

2017-02-27    Hometex Team

The direction is decisive to the future, the pattern impacts the outcome, and the business advantages lie in opportunities! As the first great exhibition of home furnishing industry in a new year, the 2017 (Spring) Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen (Hometex) was grandly held on March 7-10 at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. In the 130,000m2 exhibition, more than 1,000 superior enterprises gathered together to interpret the "innovation", "change" and "trend", and also worked with more than 120,000 buyers to achieve the "communion", "building" and "sharing", directly presenting the information of home furnishing industry at the forefront, experiencing the most popular design results and trends, and guiding the future direction of home furnishing industry.


Spring Carnival for Industry Masters


The work for the year is best begun in spring. It has become a tacit agreement within the industry to participate in Hometex on March 7-10 each year. The well-known brands, the leading enterprises and young powers of home textile and home decoration at home and abroad have been gathered to passionately and comprehensively present their innovative results in Hometex held in March, bringing the new products with unprecedented advantages and more rational prices, the down-to-earth innovative business models, and the designs and services to be more responsive to market demands. A variety of market measures promoted by the great enterprises offer the strong business opportunities and development orientation, attracting no less than 120,000 professional visitors each year to purchase the products and explore the trends. Hometex held in March has become a spring carnival for the upstream and downstream industries to plan for the grand co-development.


Complete supporting for definition of cross-border future


As the domestic home furnishing expo pioneering in the cross-border integration of large home furnishing, Hometex has another advantage to attract the attention of the industry, which is no doubt the most mature cross-border model. In Hometex, the sectors such as home textile, window fashion and smart home, home décor and custom furniture, wallcoverings, design resources, decorative carpets and other home furnishings achieve the communion, building and sharing; the digital power is playing an ultimate role in the integration of VR/CR and other innovative technology and other design integration software. This creates the convenience of procurement for the terminal business to carry out the cross-border marketing and brings the most competitive market integration models, so that enterprises will not make detours in the cross-border exploration.


Layout adjustment for more convenient visiting and procurement


Combining with the needs of buyers, the organizers make the innovative layout for the distribution of sectors in the exhibition hall in this year. They continue the original boutique textile pavilion and focus on the fourth pavilion as an international textile high-end brand pavilion, and many well-known textile brands compete to show the charm of international textile furnishing. They assemble a number of fashionable cutting-edge sofa fabric brands in the third pavilion for the wonderful bloom of furniture fabric popular exhibition area. The "overall home furnishing & custom furniture" exhibition area with unique interpretation for new trends of home furnishing becomes a distinctive beauty in the second pavilion of large home furnishing sector. The characteristic distribution of sectors with clear varieties will greatly save the procurement time and costs of buyers, and help them find the satisfactory products and partners.


Green transformation to open the high-quality life


A stormy environmental remediation campaign at the end of 2016 has brought more pressures for the enterprises to survive, and also forced the industry to accelerate the pace of green upstream and downstream transformation. In Hometex, a group of visionary enterprises have been sensitive to consumption demands and policy changes, to achieve the green transformation of production and R&D in terms of process, raw materials, design and finishing. The sectors of Hometex such as green textile, green window fashion, green wallcoverings, smart home and other products are wonderful in the application of natural environmental protection materials or the integration of green design and innovative technologies, boosting the terminals to create the green and high-quality living spaces.


Beautiful decoration directly presenting the popular trends


The home textiles and home décor have entered the process of fashion industry, and the fashion personality cannot be separated from the interpretation of the popular trends. Each year, the organizers invite the industry experts and well-known brands together to publish the popular trends, to bring the buyers a stunning visual feast and also create more inspirations for audiences from the point of view of market demand trend. Hometex, together with the national textile and furnishing fashion trend release demonstration area on the second floor of the North Hall and the international home soft fashion distribution area at the fourth pavilion, is the musts for the audiences.


Fashion leading the interpretation of the new lifestyle trend


Hometex is not only an efficient business trading platform, but also a new lifestyle fashion leader. At Hometex, the booth space decoration design and furnishings are magnificent to present the latest home lifestyle; the sectors of home furnishing prepared by the design masters are unique to perfectly combine the products and designs, directly responding to the market demands, interpreting the trends of home furnishing in the new season, guiding the home fashion consumption concepts, and boosting the buyers to grasp the new hot points for the marketing of soft furnishing.


Design strength fermentation to experience the superior design show


With the consumption upgrade, the leading role of design in the transformation and upgrading of traditional home furnishing industry is more prominent. Shenzhen Design Week concurrently held continues to present the splendid events, with the continuous fermentation of design powers, as well as multi-field high-end activities and plenty of design masters over the same period. A number of wonderful events are wonderfully held, such as the 20th Andrew Martin International Interior Design Award Ceremony and Design Summit, International Space Design Award IDEA-TOPS Launching Ceremony and Masters Forum, 2017/2018 Fashion Trend Release, 2017 award-winning design show for textile commercial space furnishings, and the Elegant Ten Design & Decor Symposium. This presents the design show with thought collision, visual wonders and unlimited business opportunities, to provide the opportunities for the cross-border linkage of industry and design industry, and to boost the enterprises to enhance the design services for creating the greatest commercial value.

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