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Shenzhen Design Week Tour Wuhan: Festive Closing of

2016-11-30    Hometex Team

With selfless grant of rare industry knowledge, and psychological insight into design

With interactive game detonating the audiences, and free gift of lucky lottery

Being a fruitful audio-visual feast, and also a sharing hall of edutainment

Shenzhen Design Week Tour Wuhan

Are you here?


On November 29, 2016

In the winter sunny river city

At the "Visual Pioneer for Unity of Knowledge and Practice" large forum of

Shenzhen Design Week Tour

Three industrial masters continuously presented the wonderful sharing all day

With the interaction from the opening to the end

Successfully created a sensational large forum in the home furnishing industry


Splendid Dialogue

Three industrial masters systematically gave a comprehensively illustration on the theory and practice related to the home furnishing from the three dimensions, to further explain the design and elements of home furnishing as well as the marketing knowledge.


Aellen has a clear insight into the development trends on the entire market of home furnishing, and also has the theory related to high-end design marketing which is worthy of being advocated and learned by the designers of home furnishing: the high-end service is companion. He used the humorous form of storytelling to narrate the design and marketing which were easily accessible and fascinating, and the attending designers were caught in a positive atmosphere of practice, so that the designers could have the more profound understanding of how to grasp the customer's psychology and to prepare the more perfect design programs.

As a fabric master, Huang Bense, who has been influenced by the family since his childhood, has been engaged in the fabric industry for more than a decade, and he is very excellent and comprehensive in the professional knowledge of fabrics, coupled with his unique views on the fabric. He led everyone into a new fabric world with different fabrics and professional explanation and analysis at the scene, so that designers clearly understood the characteristics and soul of different fabrics, and also knew how to identify, use and match the fabrics in a more professional way.


As a young designer of home furnishing oriented on the life, Zhao Meng makes the perfect combination of art and life after years of studying abroad. In the course, she shared the "Exploring Humanistic Aesthetics and Home Furnishing Art - Nordic Style", to explain her own understanding and views on the home furnishing, respectively, from the design exhibition, elemental characteristics, food culture, humanities and other aspects. By touching the contours of art from the life, the designers clearly understood how to integrate different styles and life into the pulse of art.


Shenzhen Design Week Wuhan Tour came to a satisfactory end

With a new start for long journey of study

We will gather again at the next Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen on March 7 of next year!

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