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Tarsus Asia Announces Plans To Internationalise Hometex

2017-03-03    Hometex Team

For immediate release: Tarsus Asia, a division of Tarsus Group, the international business-to-business media group with interests in exhibitions, conferences, education, publishing and online media has announced its development plans for Hometex Home Textiles Fair, Shenzhen.


Launched in 1997, Hometex takes place bi-annually in the spring and autumn each year in Shenzhen, China. The next edition of the event will be held 7-10 March 2017. The spring edition, the larger of the two events, occupies all of the available venue capacity, approximately 106,000m2 (2016) of gross space. There is a currently a waiting list for the spring event. 


Tarsus Asia is committed to working in partnership with the management team to increase overseas participation in the events, leveraging its current portfolio in Turkey and Indonesia to bring buyers and suppliers to Shenzhen.


This combined with its continued investment in data and collaborative work with associations and trade agencies globally, will increase the quantity and quality of the overseas audience.


A key component in the campaign will be the promotion and further development of Shenzhen Design Week. Alongside the existing offering of award ceremonies, competitions and events Design Week Shenzhen will host a guest country to encourage international collaboration, and to give those taking part a look into the invited nation's design context. This will be supported by screenings of documentaries about the country's creative industries, symposiums and installations.


A dual language digital offering will complement Hometex, facilitating access to companies and products all year round. This will be supported by the partner country concept, group pavilions, a B2B matching programme supported by digital services, paired with international buyer’s programmes, sector intelligence, training, competitions and awards for innovations, start-ups, and interior designers which bridge the gap between invention and the market.


Douglas Emslie, Tarsus Group Managing Director said;

"Hometex is the dominant home textile event in China and we will work closely with our housewares and home interiors events in Istanbul and Jakarta to exploit the synergies between each of them to grow, broaden and internationalise the events."

“We strongly believe there is enormous potential for our exhibitors and partners to increase their profitability by strengthening existing ties and create new ones in the international market.”


Mr Xiao, Executive Vice Secretary -General,Bo Ao Exhibition Company commented;

“Chinese companies already recognise the need to internationalise in order to access new markets and to grow. Multiple government policies and support initiatives pursue this aim and we will be working with local and overseas agencies to ensure increased internationalisation starts at home, on our exhibitors’ doorstep.”



For further information about Tarsus, please contact Lucy Hotston:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +44 (0)208 846 2768

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