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Linara, Stunning Your Summer with 360 Colors

2017-06-10    Hometex Team
360 colors, presenting a 360-degree interpretation of colors

To share the color inspiration with you today!

With latest published Linara series chromatography

of the agent brand ROMO of EUROART

Enjoying the new chromatography in the high-profile launch by

the most popular and most representative Linara series fabrics

360 colors of entire series

Creating the surprises to your heart

Linara Color Tour

The new bold colors and soft pink as well as a number of timeless neutral colors become the new members of Linara series. These colors are well added to the ROMO Group's color library, enriching the fabric colors and creating a new possibility.

The exquisite and delicate natural cotton linen monochrome fabric is processed with the special bristle technique, presenting the soft surface like peach skin as well as soft and comfortable feel, and the overall fabric is showing the low-key yet high-quality texture.

This series will be washable and durable, with the wide range of applications in the curtains, furniture, soft bags and jewelry. The new Linara can meet the different needs of interior design. The designers can express their own ideas and concepts by use of Linara, while the customers can highlight their own personality through their choice of Linara.

Their colors can be perfectly used with other fabrics of ROMO group, to create the different styles, which can be suitable for different interior spaces.

Here we focus on the introduction of 8 new colors!

1 Pink Serenity

Pinky white, rose crystal, pinkish purple…
Surrounded by comfortable pink tones,
Flowing with the gentle tenderness
Beautiful and peaceful

2 Mellow Modern

Carbon gray, light gray, soft gray…
Combining different gray colors
To create a special abstract meaning
Enriching the sense of space and light

3 Parchment

Inspired by the color of natural pigments
With extracted birch bark, South American chinchilla
As well as basalts and other colors
Showing a natural tone to relax
While giving respect for a natural and comfortable life

4 Spice Quarter

Magically mixing the colors of various spices together
Pepper red
Bright turmeric
Significant pumpkin orange and so on
These colors bring us warmth
As in the summer sunshine

5 Colours of Cuba

Warm coral
Bright green
Cobalt blue and so on
These vivid colors
Bring us to walk in Cuban streets
Enjoying the fun, energy and excitement of colors

6 Greenhouse

Jade green
More green colors extracted from the jewelry showing the texture of gorgeous extravagance

7 Into the Blue

Blue always walks with calm
Giving a sense of stability
Arctic ice blue presents the simple and low-key feel
While the ink blue and indigo can produce more impact
To create a dramatic effect

8 Midnight Hues

A midnight deep tone
Dark blue, dark green, deep blue and so on
In all the dark tones
Penetrating the rich and refined elegance
Without losing the modern atmosphere

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